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Fireless catalogue

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Fireless system


Exhibitions, historical monuments, churches

no destruction, chiseling, major construction or recovery works

Hotels, hostels and restaurants

undisrupted operations without the loss of business

Office building, shopping mall

adapting to changing tenant needs

New building

shorter installation time, simple technology, cost-effectiveness, reliability

Temporary exhibitions

fast installation, repeated use



The majority of fire alarm systems are based on wired systems, however, in some cases wiring may be too costly or impracticable. Historical buildings, castles and operating hotels often fall into this category. Temporary systems installed for traveling exhibitions are examples of such systems with difficult wiring or high wiring costs. In these cases, it is much more practical to install wireless devices.


There are three different ways of using this system.


 1. In collective mode, it can be adapted to any fire alarm system.


2. In addressable mode, it can be adapted to fire alarm systems using ZETA MKII and APOLLO XP95 protocols.


3. In stand-alone mode, it can be adapted to any fire alarm system by relay contact.

Hungarian background

Products are developed and manufactured in Hungary.



International background

The grant is provided by the European Union.
The Fireless product is based on addressed fire alarm systems manufactured by GLT Exports Ltd.


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