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Fireless catalogue

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Fireless system


Exhibitions, historical monuments, churches

no destruction, chiseling, major construction or recovery works

Hotels, hostels and restaurants

undisrupted operations without the loss of business

Office building, shopping mall

adapting to changing tenant needs

New building

shorter installation time, simple technology, cost-effectiveness, reliability

Temporary exhibitions

fast installation, repeated use









Excellent solution for smaller hostels.


Installation in large hotels is enabled without disturbing normal operation and without income loss.


Shorter installation time, simple technology, cost-effectiveness, reliability


During the installation of a fire alarm system, one faces the problem of installing certain devices on the ceiling: luminaries, air inlets or outlets, motion sensors in lighting fixtures, sound systems, air conditioners. In case a wireless system is installed, there is no need to construct the cable connections for the fire sensor. It is therefore easy to install the sensor at the optimal location, after considering ceiling conditions. Installation is faster. Changing needs can easily and quickly be followed.


In a shopping mall adapting to the needs of changing tenants is easier.


The value of the exhibited items is always high, therefore additional safety measures are often necessary to ensure their safety. The implementation of these safety measures is needed for a relatively short period of time. A practical solution would be to ship the safety system together with the exhibited items, so the same protection can be set up at each location. In this case, fast mounting and dismounting is an important aspect.  Cost effectiveness should also be considered. In this case, the application of wireless devices seems to be a better solution for several reasons.


If additional safety measures are needed in a building that is already under protection, it is a faster and more efficient solution to use wireless technology.


Hungarian background

Products are developed and manufactured in Hungary.



International background

The grant is provided by the European Union.
The Fireless product is based on addressed fire alarm systems manufactured by GLT Exports Ltd.


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