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Fireless catalogue

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Fireless system


Exhibitions, historical monuments, churches

no destruction, chiseling, major construction or recovery works

Hotels, hostels and restaurants

undisrupted operations without the loss of business

Office building, shopping mall

adapting to changing tenant needs

New building

shorter installation time, simple technology, cost-effectiveness, reliability

Temporary exhibitions

fast installation, repeated use


In the event of a fire the traditional sensor signals and the device base transmits a wireless alarm message.  The signal is received by a wireless transponder.


The wireless device base is compatible with the following detectors:


- collective optical,

- collective heat maximum,

- collective heat rate,

- collective optical and heat.


When a collective transponder is used, each base activates the same output on the transponder. The sensor in the base remains active until the transponder receives a cancellation order from the fire command center.


When an addressable transponder is used, the transponder identifies each wireless base by their address, and transmits the addressed message to the fire detection center through the detection loop.


The system operates at 868MHz, which is a free frequency in the European Union.





The operating range of the devices meets all requirements. In practice, a transponder installed in the center of a building can operate in a range of four floors up and down, as well as 100 meters horizontally in buildings with concrete base and brick structure.


A field strength measuring device can be used for checking the operating range of the devices to be applied.

Windows-compatible editing software should be used for installation; it identifies the transponders and the assigned wireless units.  Each wireless unit uses a custom barcode ID alongside a three-digit optional address via which data can be downloaded from the transponder during installation. The software of the operating system is suitable for displaying the field strength of the devices and the battery voltage, as well.

Battery lifetime: 3 years



Hungarian background

Products are developed and manufactured in Hungary.



International background

The grant is provided by the European Union.
The Fireless product is based on addressed fire alarm systems manufactured by GLT Exports Ltd.


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